Booking your appointment

Please telephone 053 914 0000 to arrange an appointment.      If your appointment is urgent please let us know at time of booking to allow us to  prioritise as necessary.   All information we receive is regarded as confidential and treated with sensitivity.

Please be aware that due to HSE regulations, if you have a medical card, you cannot be seen outside the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday  unless your problem is URGENT and you have contacted the surgery outside of these hours. HSE does not resource ROUTINE CARE out of hours.

Cancelling your appointment

Please give us 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. This will allow another patient to avail of the cancelled appointment.

Home Visits

We encourage patients to attend the surgery when possible, as access to the team and equipment is more readily available.   However, if you or a relative are unable to attend, please contact us on 053 914 0000 before 10 am if possible.

Out of Hours

CAREDOC is a GP Co-operative, part-funded by GPs in your practice and the HSE. We would ask you to use this service only for URGENT problems that arise outside the hours 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Remember, the duty doctor has no access to your medical records out of hours and has limited access to other health care professionals such as practice nurses and community pharmacists. Seeing your GP during normal working hours is likely to produce the best outcomes if your problem is routine!


Telephone0818 300 365

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